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Wall Street Corner Report is the premier discovery site for promising, yet undiscovered small and micro cap stocks featuring opportunities in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner. On our corner of Wall Street, we take a Main Street perspective. You might say we're on the corner of Wall Street and Main. No 'Stock Broker' talk here. Just common sense and the straight skinny.  We look at each company knowing the odds are against its long-term success but knowing fortunes can be made on any company successfully meeting one or two business plan benchmarks along the way even when those one or two benchmarks might not add up to the next Berkshire Hathaway.  We're not fiendishly 'short' sighted nor are we here to dream the impossibly 'long' dream.  We take a practical view on the big ideas of well intentioned management and look to profit on each reasonably achievable step the well intentioned mangers take toward their big ideas.

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2017 events


BIG Industry Show                                  Los Angeles, CA             01/19 – 01/20

High Times Business Summit                         Los Angeles, CA             01/19 – 01/20

Indo Expo                                          Denver, CO                  01/28 – 01/29

NCIA Seed to Sale Show                             Denver, CO                  01/31 – 02/01

The Emerald Conference                             San Diego, CA               02/02 – 02/03

International Cannabis Business Conference         San Francisco, CA           02/16 – 02/17

CannaCon                                           Seattle, WA                 02/16 – 02/18

California Cannabis Business Expo                  San Diego, CA               03/05 – 03/07

CCIA Policy Conference                             Sacramento, CA              03/07

Medical Cannabis at Work                           Edmonton, AB                03/10

Cannabis Cultivation Conference                    Oakland, CA                 03/20 – 03/22

SSDP2017                                           Portland, OR                03/24 – 03/26

Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference        San Jose, CA                03/28 – 03/29

Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo               Fort Worth, TX              04/20 – 04/22

World Medical Marijuana Business Conference & Expo Pittsburgh, PA              04/21 – 04/22

O’Cannabiz                                         Toronto, ON                 04/21 – 04/23

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo               Washington, DC              05/16 – 05/19

NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo               Oakland, CA                 06/12 – 06/14

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition      New York, NY                06/15 -06/16

Growth Capital Expo 2016                           Las Vegas                   3-5 May 2016

2016 Marcum MicroCap Conference                    New York                    1-2 June 2016

Cannabis Capital Summit                            Denver                      16 June 2016

Cannabis Business Summit and Expo                  Oakland                     20-22 June 2016

National Investment Banking Association (NIBA)     New York                    20-21 June 2016


     Cayman Alternative Investment Summit               Grand Cayman            02/15 – 02/17

     NIBA Conference                                    New York, NY                02/27 – 02/28

29th Annual Roth Conference                        Danna Point, CA             03/12 – 03/15

     The Micro Cap Conference                           New York, NY                04/04


CIAO Group Announces Plan To Pursue $1.5 Trillion Communications Market Sector

Dallas, TX – March 16, 2019 – Ciao Group, Inc. (USOTC: CIAU) today announced a business plan refresh and planned corporate name change to NuMelo Technology.  Last year, Ciao Group underwent a change of control and management transition. The Company has brought all its financial reporting and disclosure requirements up to date in accordance with the OTC Markets’ Current Information Standard.  Silicon Valley technology veteran, Aubrey Brown is the new CEO.  Brown has won the interest of Silicon Valley investors in his emerging and frontier market telecommunications business plan and is in the process of relocating the Company headquarters to San Jose, California.

NuMelo Frontier & Emerging Market Niche In $1.5 Trillion Communications Sector

Even with all the opportunity for the internet to reach farther into the hard to reach corners of the world and to provide yet even more consumers with access to smart phones, technology growth in emerging and frontier markets has slowed.  Gartner explains that the rising expense of technology from the U.S. and other developed countries being sold into frontier and emerging markets is so high, that frontier and emerging markets are slowing down their purchases and exploring new options.  Brown plans for NuMelo Technology to give frontier and emerging markets some new telecommunication technology options.  The worldwide technology market is $3.5 trillion which includes $1.5 trillion in communications.

Learn more about NuMelo Technology on the Company’s website and check back frequently to keep up with the Company’s progress to include two anticipated acquisitions in the near future.



About NuMelo Technology, Inc:

NuMelo Technolgy is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative technology within the world’s emerging and frontier markets.  NuMelo brings the experience and resources to identify communication technology innovators within the worlds emerging and frontier markets and develop with them marketing and capitalization strategies to overcome the hurdles identified by the World Bank currently hindering the proliferation of emerging and frontier telecommunication services to achieve the corresponding alpha return potential.  

Contact NuMelo Technology:



Trump Administration To Back Marijuana Legalization

New York, NY – March 14, 2017 – Last Friday North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC: USMJ) and Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA), a spinoff of USMJ, released a joint shareholder update.  The two companies have had a busy year launching a new cannabis infused product line named EVERx into the sports and fitness nutritional supplements market in addition to entering into to two new acquisitions structure to create dividend distributions to both the shareholders of USMJ and PURA.  At the very end of the shareholder update, the Company quietly snuck in a detailed analysis of The President Trump Administration’s stand on cannabis.  The analysis reaches a convincing conclusion that in the end, the Trump Administration will support both State and Federal legalization.

The shareholder update is available online and includes specifics on USMJ’s ongoing progress to launch a retail cannabis payment system with Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) in a transaction to include a dividend of ALYI stock to USMJ shareholders.  Additionally, the online update includes a progress report on PURA’s transaction with Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies and ML Capital Group (USOTC: MLCG) and the planned issue of ScrumpDelicacies stock in a dividend distributions to PURA and MLCG shareholders.


Trump Supports Legal Cannabis – Recreational and Medical

Below is the excerpt from the USMJ and PURA shareholder update analyzing Trump Administration the pro-legal marijuana stand:

President Trump is a populist president and “populist” is not necessarily a dirty word. Meriam-Webster defines populist as “a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people.”  Now “populist” might be a dirty word if the actions of a politician only “claim” to represent the common people while the true intent is something else.  Populist politics is sometimes compared to parenting.  Parents shouldn’t always give children what they want.  Except voters aren’t children.  Please keep in mind, nothing here is intended to support or attack the Trump Presidency.  Our interest is very specifically in the eventual federal legalization of cannabis, and in the meantime, a continued federal laissez fair policy toward states’ legalization of cannabis.  Our intent here is to cut through barrage of opinionated, riot inspiring news to take a sober look at the reality of the cannabis situation when it comes to what the Federal Government may or may not do in regard to the enforcement of federal cannabis laws. From our vantage point, we believe the media reaction to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments and Jeff Sessions stick in the mud personal opinion about cannabis is much ado about nothing.

It’s difficult to argue thatPresident Trump is at least acting as a “populist” politician.  We’ll leave it to you to judge his true populist intent.  We believe giving voters what they want is a good thing and we hope that’s what President Trump is really up to. We won’t argue against characterizing President Trump as offensive.  President Trump seems to have a gift when it comes to offensiveness.  Many of us have a crotchety old relative, probably about President Trump’s age, that manages to insult everyone at the Thanksgiving table, but he’s family and everyone still loves him. 

So Press Secretary Spicer makes some disturbing comments about the Federal Government enforcing federal marijuana laws in spite of local state marijuana legalization.  However, a few days later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement to counter balance Press Secretary Spicer’s earlier comments.  Attorney General Sessions talked about “responsible laws,” and acknowledging states’ rights to “pass the laws they choose.”  An optimistic interpretation of the disturbing statements followed by a balancing counter-statement might be that the Trump Administration is attempting to find a “populist” balance. While giving voters what they want might be a lofty idea, not all voters want the same thing. In fact, voters can often be at odds as to what they want.  Every issue in America can’t logistically be taken to a popular vote.  It might be sheer genius to test the waters on issues by suggesting an extreme policy; afterwards assessing the reaction to the extreme policy suggestion, and ultimately backing off from the extreme suggestion to simply implement a practical policy that the majority of voters can all tolerate.  Press Secretary Spicer just might be the White House sonar pinging for mines so the White House can steer clear and maneuver through populist waters.

Remember the transitive property from high school math?  If A=B. and B=C, then A=C.  Ok, so it appears that an anti-marijuana sentiment exists amongst those voters that put Trump in the White House.  President Trump, crotchety old relative charisma aside, might deserve some credit for trying to acknowledge the sentiments of those that elected him.  However, clearly the majority of Americans are pro marijuana legalization.  If President Trump is a true populist trying to give voters what they want (not just the voters that voted for him), and if the majority voters want legal marijuana, then A=C and President Trump’s Administration will not only support states marijuana laws, but eventual federal marijuana legalization overall.

Some may think President Trump is not a genuine populist and that he is only laying claim to a populist agenda in order to advance some nefarious counter agenda.  If that’s the case, let’s have faith that the American people will do what they do and rise to the occasion in the face of such treachery. Either way, if he’s a really a populist, legal cannabis is safe.  If he’s poser with a nefarious agenda, the American people will do what they do and cannabis is still safe.

Wall Street Corner Report is the premier discovery site for promising, yet undiscovered small and micro-cap stocks featuring opportunities in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner. We're not fiendishly 'short' sighted nor are we here to dream the impossibly 'long' dream.  We take a practical view on the big ideas of well-intentioned management and look to profit on each reasonably achievable step the well intentioned mangers take toward their big ideas.
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), and as such, may involve risks and uncertainties. These forward looking statements relate to, amongst other things, current expectation of the business environment in which the company operates, potential future performance, projections of future performance and the perceived opportunities in the market. The company's actual performance, results and achievements may differ materially from the expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements as a result of a wide range of factors.
Jack Taylor



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